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#2 Torino - Novara (131 km)

Statesmen, Canals, Rice Pickers and Herons

Torino – Ronsecco (73 km)

Say goodbye to Torino on the bridge Vittorio Emanuele I (km 0). You will follow the path of a famous Cycle Route called VenTo, which connects Turin with Venice (680 km) along the Po River, the longest river in Italy.

Pass by a beautiful dam in San Mauro Torinese (km 9) and head northward  along the green Parco Fluviale del Po till Chivasso (km 30): we will meet VenTo again close to Venice. Chivasso is famous for two things: Nocciolini and Canale Cavour intake.

Canale Cavour is a remarkable hydraulic engineering infrastructure: it was opened in 1866 after three years of work, under the brand new Italian Kingdom (est. 1861) thanks to the initiative of prime minister Camillo Benso, count of Cavour.

We will follow this canal till Verolengo (km 38), and many times again till river Ticino. These lands are flooded with water, necessary for rice paddies: we will discover an amazing variety of birds, such as herons. Cross Dora Baltea River (km 44) till the ancient Bosco delle Sorti della Partecipanza di Trino, and Ronsecco (km 75)


Ronsecco – Novara (58 km)

Proceed to Lignana (km 81), Larizzate (km 85) and head towards Vercelli (km 91), a Roman city, famous as a European Rice Exchange Hub.

In the central Piazza Cavour, under the statue of the statesman, you will cross the cycleroute ViaFrancigena, which links Gran San Bernardo pass (km 183) with Rome (km 967). Eat some Bicciolani biscuits and proceed eastward.

Cross river Sesia (km 93) and proceed westward, towards the rice fields of Torrione and Vinzaglio (km 101). We can now see far away the tower of San Gaudenzio in Novara, close to Casalino (km 106): let’s follow it till Agogna river (km 114). Then we will follow a parallel road leading us to Novara (km 131).  Novara is the eastern Piedmont capital, devoted to Gorgonzola and Paniscia, a typical dish of rice to serve hot in winter time: enjoy!

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#3 Novara – Milano

Leave Novara, and head towards Lombardy Region. Cross Ticino River, the most ancient Regional Park of Italy. Turbigo is a crossroad for cycle-tourists, since Naviglio Grande and Villoresi Canal meet there. Follow the latter and discover beautiful villas like Villa Litta in Lainate, and Villa Arconati in Groane Park. You are now entering Milan from the EXPO 2015 area, till the very downtown: Leonardo’s Cenacolo is waiting for you, as well as Cotoletta alla Milanese (rigorously with bones!)