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Grand Tour Ciclovia AIDA

Bike all AIDA and get the Celebration Patch!

What is the Grand Tour?

Untill 19th century, the Grand Tour was the great voyage in order to discover the beauty of Italy. Many young visitors  made the Grand Tour, willing to  encounter the heritage of such an historical nation.

Goethe, Lord Byron, Stendhal are in the grand-tourists list, and the term Tourist itself was born with this phenomenon.

Some of them made the Tour by bike, like Alfredo Oriani, in the picture, who is considered the first Italian cycle-tourist.

AIDA’s Grand Tour

We would like to invite you to play a game, inspired by the Grand Tour: let’s bike AIDA, for its entire lenght (930km).

You won’t be alone: thanks to the Carte Viaggio we will send you, you could stop along the road and let be recognized by shops, bars and hotels as official Grand Tourist: they will be glad to put a stamp on your Carte Viaggio

After the Tour, you simply need to send a picture of the 4 stamped Carte Viaggio:  we will send you the Celebration Patch of Grand Tour AIDA, you could  sew it on your garment or bike bags!

Enrollment on Grand Tour AIDA

Donate 7,90€ , answer a digital form and you will get by physical mail the four Carte Viaggio of Grand Tour: this is the enrollment process!

Please note: this game is a  limited edition, there are only 200 availabilities for the current year.  Don’t lose the opportunity!

After the trip, when you will get six stamps for every Carta Viaggio, just take four pictures of the Carte Viaggio and send them to : you will get the  Celebration Patch of Grand Tour, you can sew on your garments or bikebags.

The Grand Tour has no time limit, take your time to complete it.. and Buona Strada lungo AIDA!

How does it work Grand Tour AIDA?

  1. Donate from the button aboved, using your mail
  2. Answer to a short form and tell us your physical address 
  3. Get 4 Carte Viaggio by regular mail in approximately 15 working days (consider it when planning your trip, outside Italy shipping could take and cost more), one by Region, with the names of the main locations along AIDA
  4. During the bike trip, step into every bar, hotel, restaurant or shop in every location and just ask to put a rubber stamp on the Carta Viaggio on the corresponding location.
  5. There’s no dedicated rubber stamp, the shop keeper could use its own activity stamp … even a simple signature is ok.
  6. If shop keepers don’t know Ciclovia AIDA, please explain it to them: you will make them aware of an important opportunity, and for sure they will be glad to stamp, maybe also with if you make a little purchase from them.
  7. After six stamps for every CartaViaggio, make 4 pictures and send them to
  8. We will send by mail the official certificate and the celebration patch of Grand Tour: you can sew it on your garment or bikebags, and show it proudly!
  9. Grand Tour has no time limit: you can take more years to complete it, and you can also rescue your previous trips on AIDA, even without stamps: contact in order to know how.
  10. Grand Tour is a game, managed by AIDA volunteers: it’s not a  competitionneither a “reward program”. Do it for the sake of the trip, discover the AIDA territories and share the project: this is AIDA spirit! Buona Strada!

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Donate now, enroll on Grand Tour!

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