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The official app


The official App useful when you ride: touristic attractions, accomodation partners, offline maps and “report-an-error” feature.

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Accessing from the main menu, you will discover the 10 Stages of AIDA, full of details and maps (online and offline).

At the bottom of the page you will find “getting around”, a function which lists all the services and attractions you can find in 2 km

Services and Point of Interests

In the section Accommodation and Services you will find all the AIDA partners, in order to get hospitality or to receive mechanical assistance.

In the section Point of interests you will discover all the treasures of AIDA, secret places valuable of a visit during your ride.

Make a report

Maps could be browsed online and offline, and they will alert you with a sound alarm in case of exit from the track.

Thanks to the mail button is possible to send us a report mail with GPS coordinates, reporting an event (es. road block or no road sign).