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The tracks available on our website/app are surveyed by our technicians, or by persons outside our staff, and are sometimes digitised tracks, i.e. plotted using geographic information systems on digital maps and aerial photos.

Whatever the processing technique, GPS tracks may contain errors due to the instruments used, or the way in which they are surveyed or plotted. In addition, the conditions of the tracks can also change significantly over time, due to vegetation, snowfall, hydrogeological instability, road works, etc.

Therefore, GPS tracks should be regarded as indicative information, just like the information contained in any topographical map. In particular, tracks should be used with great care in cases of poor visibility and adverse weather conditions.

Furthermore, it is possible that, without our knowledge, the routes may affect private property, or potentially dangerous stretches due to the presence of vehicular traffic or the risk of accidental falls (e.g. canals without protection, exposed stretches in the mountains, forests whose trees may fall after a fire, etc.).

We urge you to be very careful during hunting-season and to avoid crossing the hunting territories.

FIAB Onlus invites anyone who uses the tracks published on our Website/App to be very careful when using the information, and not to rely on the tools uncritically. FIAB Onlus declines any responsibility for any kind of problem or accident that may occur along the routes.

Last update: June 24, 2020