Stage #8: Treviso – Pordenone

AIDA Palazzo Comunale Pordenone

Stage #8: Treviso – Pordenone

AIDA Sacile Palaces on Livenza
Sacile and its charming palaces

Leave Treviso main church (km 0) and head toward North,  following one of the many canals of the city, heading towards La Marca, the Treviso’s county.

Pass under the highway in Pezzan (km 7), then pass San Giacomo di Musestrelle, Fagaré and Bocca Callalta. You are going to cross river Piave (km 22): river Piave is developing its own cycleroute, linking Belluno, the capital of Dolomiti, with Jesolo on the Adriatic sea.

AIDA Beato Odorico Church by Mario Botta
The inspired church of Beato Odorico by Mario Botta

Head for Ponte di Piave and then Oderzo, where you must cross the rivers Monticano (km 37) and Livenza (km 46): proceed to Portobuffolé, one of the cutest villages in La Marca, and then Brugnera: you are now in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Follow the river Livenza till the town of Sacile, with its sweet canals and elegant towers.

Head towards West, and get into Porcia and finally Pordenone (km 81): take your time to visit this alternative city, with an important literature festival in September: Pordenone Legge. Take a walk on the bridge of Adamo ed Eva and just relax on the green spaces of this pleasant city. If you have enough time, we suggest you to visit the Beato Odorico church, by Mario Botta: quite unique piece of sacred architecture.

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