Stage #7: Padova – Treviso

Stage #7: Padova – Treviso

AIDA Villa Pisani Stra
The majestic gardens of Villa Pisani in Stra

Get back on the confluence between river Bacchiglione and Piovego canal (km 0) and head Eastward.

Follow San Gregorio canal on the left (km 3) till river Brenta (km 12):  river Brenta presents its own cycle route partially completed linking Trento (km 147 North-East) and Venice, and we will follow its Naviglio till Mestre.

You have now arrived in Stra, a beautiful town with a magnificent villa, Villa Pisani or La Nazionale: take your time to visit the gardens à la Versailles just on the Naviglio.

Head for the town of Dolo (km 19) and Mira (km 24): with a short deviation you can also visit the famous villa La Malcontenta by Palladio. Leave the Naviglio del Brenta in Oriago (km 29) and proceed Northward till the railway station of Mestre (km 37): the enchanted Venezia is just 9 km Eastward.

AIDA Museo M9 Mestre
The futuristic entrance of M9 Museum

Mestre, the XXth century urban development of Venezia, deserves itself a specific look: don’t miss to visit the brand new M9 Museum, dedicated to 1900: AIDA passes exactly next to it.

Proceed Northward till the natural reserve of Bosco Zaher (km 46), San Liberale and the archeological Quarto D’Altino (km 62).

You have now arrived on river Sile: follow it on the left towards West, but consider that you can follow it also on the right on a pleasant cycle route till the Adriatic sea in Jesolo (km 31).

River Sile is embedded into a vast regional park,  with many water bends and the suggestive boats burci left abandoned in the woods. Pass over Silea (km 80) and jump into the borders of Treviso and its very centre (km 87)

Treviso is a water city: take a walk along its beautiful canal and watermills, and enjoy a Spritz in Piazza dei Signori.

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