Stage #5: Brescia – Verona

Stage #5: Brescia – Verona

AIDA Ponte di Bedizzole
The Humpback bridge in Bedizzole

Leave Piazza della Vittoria (km 0), exit Brescia, la Leonessa d’Italia, pass by the MilleMiglia museum and head to Rezzato.

Pass through the stone caves of the precious Botticino Marble and cross the river Chiese (km 17) on a funny humpback bridge in Bedizzole. You are now approaching Garda, the biggest lake in Italy which inspired many poets and artists, such as Valerio Catullo, who lived in Sirmione in the 1st Century B.C.

Get down the gentle hills in Desenzano, close to the majestic railway bridge and head to San Martino della Battaglia, place of the cruel battle between French, Italians and Austrians during the Second Italian War of independence. A Tower Ossuary commemorates the victory and the sacrifice of many young men.

AIDA Madonna del Frassino
The facade of Madonna del Frassino

Go Ahead, and pass close to the miraculous and silent Madonna del Frassino church. You are now leaving Lombardia and getting into Veneto, exactly on river Mincio (Km 55): river Mincio presents its own cycle route, linking Peschiera del Garda (7 Km North) and Mantova (38 Km South).

Cross Salionze and taste the vineyards hills of Verona, getting closer to Custoza and crossing Sommacampagna. After a while you will approach the Camuzzoni canal (Km 78): it welcomes you in Verona.  Don’t miss the visit of the sublime San Zeno church, in the homonymous neighbourhood: you will find la Pala d’Altare, one of the masterpieces by Andrea Mantegna.

Follow the Adige river and you will reach the famous Roman Arena in Piazza Bra, where you could attend an Opera: Aida by Giuseppe Verdi is our favourite!

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