Stage #10: Udine – Trieste

AIDA molo audace at sunset

Stage #10: Udine – Trieste

AIDA Scarario Redipuglia
The impressive military cemetery of Redipuglia

Leave Udine Railway Station (km 0) and head toward South.

Pass through the precious fields of Friuli and cross the river Torre (km 11):  you will pass the villages of Buttrio and Manzano (one of the best Italian furniture district), before crossing river Natisone (km 18).

Cross the river Judrio (km 24) and pass the villages of Cormons and Gradisca, with the ruins of its walls.  There is another river to cross, the Isonzo (km 39), which is extremely famous for the WWI actions on its banks and it has been celebrated by the poet Giuseppe Ungaretti.

You have been arrived in Fogliano, where you should visit a moving war memorial: Sacrario Militare di Redipuglia, which contains more than 100,000 remains of Italian soldiers, died in WWI. You can also visit the Villa Sbruglio Prandi, pretty close to San Pier d’Isonzo.

Pass by the airport Ronchi dei Legionari, and cross the maritime Monfalcone (km 49) with its industrial harbour and the medieval castle, la Rocca. Proceed till river Timavo (km 55), a carsic river with a long underground course quoted by Dante and Virgilio: remember to visit the small church of San Giovanni in Tuba and its beautiful resurgences.

AIDA Castello di Miramare
The beautiful Miramare, literally looking at the sea.

Pass by Duino and its castle,  you have now arrived to the costal route which lead you to Trieste (km 70). You can admire the wonderful sight on the gulf, till you reach the Miramare castle: it deserves a specific visit. Follow the coast in the neighbourhood of Barcola and cross the old Asburgic Docks: the number 18 is sadly famous for the Istrian-Dalmatian exodus.

You have now arrived at the very end of our journey: cross the Canal Grande, pass in front of Caffé Tommaseo, and eventually you can stand on Piazza Unità d’Italia and watch the sun slowly go down beyond Molo Audace (km 79).

Trieste is a charming city: we suggest you to visit Palazzo Revoltella museum in order to taste the cosmopolitan flavour of the city.

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