Stage #1: Moncenisio – Torino

AIDA Turin by monte cappuccini

Stage #1: Moncenisio – Torino

AIDA Sacra di San Michele
The romantic Sacra di San Michele, preserving the Susa Valley

Start exactly on the border between France & Italy close to San Giorgio Lake (km 0) and go down towards the great Pianura Padana. If you prefer to explore France, you will find more than 72 velò-routes in La Maurienne province.

After some road bend, reach among the woods the village of Moncenisio (km 7) and head for Novalesa (km 14): take your time to visit the ancient Abbazia Benedettina. Proceed downhill Southward till Susa (km 22) and pass below the Arco di Augusto, built in the 1st century B.C.

Pass by the villages of Bussoleno, Sant’Antonino and Chiusa di San Michele (km 50): you have arrived at the feet of the famous Sacra di San Michele, a monastery which dominates the passage from the valley to the plane.

AIDA La palazzina di caccia di Stupinigi
The Palazzina di Caccia, UNESCO site by Filippo Juvarra

Proceed to the natural park of Avigliana lakes (km 60) and leave the mountains behind you: pass by Orbassano (km 80) and enjoy the royal Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi (km 88): a UNESCO site, projected by Filippo Juvarra for the Savoia family.

Head Northward and eventually reach the River Po (km 95), the longest river in Italy which caresses Torino. Follow the river on the left bank till the very centre of the city: Vittorio Emanuele I bridge (km 101). In front of you, a nice round church: la Gran Madre.

Torino had been the first Capital of Italian Kingdom: you can still feel its heritage visiting the Museo Nazionale del Cinema inside la Mole Antonelliana or walking by San Salvario, Murazzi and the central Piazza Castello.

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