From France to Istria, by bike

AIDA vista Garda

From France to Istria, by bike


Welcome to the official site of Cycle Route AIDA – Alta Italia da Attraversare (High Italy to cross)!
AIDA is music, dream, movimento.  It takes you for 500 miles from Moncenisio to Trieste; from France to Istria.

AIDA is a FIAB Onlus’ project and part of Bicitalia network. It aims to link Northern Italy cities such as Turin, Milan, Verona, Venice. Almost 50% of the cycle route already exists: we just need to unify.

To unify instead of inventing new infrastructures. To satisfy both cycle tourism and local mobility, crossing highly populated cities. To enlarge Italian National cycle network, linking UNESCO sitesThis is AIDA, the route you have dreamt about.

Stage #1:  Moncenisio – Turin

Stage #2: Turin – Novara

Stage #3: Novara – Milan

Stage #4: Milan – Brescia

Stage #5: Brescia – Verona

Stage #6: Verona – Padova

Stage #7: Padova – Treviso

Stage #8: Treviso – Pordenone

Stage #9:  Pordenone – Udine

Stage #10: Udine – Trieste